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Monday, September 11, 2006

How are you getting along with these days??
Today, it’s just been five years since that miserable tragedy happened.
The day is also unforgettable day to me because I learned “what is War?” from that atrocity. When World WarⅡbroke out, of course I was not born. When Gulf War, I was too young. So 9.11 was my first experience to know.
Three days ago I went to Yodobashicamera (famous electrical shop) and I purchased some DVD. One of these was “9・11”(you know this? Or has anyone watched? This is the title of DVD). This film was taken by Jules&Gedeon Naudet, who was taking documentary of fire fighters but they encountered the tragedy accidentally!!! When I finished, I felt I was badly beaten. In this movie there are many, what we call, “not appropriate scene or words or sound”. I felt even disgusted. I heard many people say “ Is this movie?” Also When first plane crashed into WTC, every one looked up and screamed “Oh shit!!” At the moment WTC has gone, many people crying and running and director himself vanished into the dust… And when second tower collapsed…well. I’ve had enough…I can’t tell any more…
In one scene some fighter whose name is Tony, said like this” If I knew where ringleader is, I’d kill him.” I would fell like him if I were his place, I could grasp what he means. But is it really right?? There is a story in our country. When World WarⅡ came to end, many children who lost home or family used to think of going to War to revenge. But can we solve things by revenge?? I don’t think so. Say, if I lost someone who really means to me (you know who I mean?), I’d go crazy and maybe feel like even killing… But could I really take revenge for her EVEN if she’ll never come back to me?? This is my first reason why I could not stand up for the revenge. Second, to revenge is you have the possibility that you ARE revenged by someone. If you could take your revenge, that would be really good for you and you’d feel satisfied. But do not forget YOU also cause new revengers!! I mean, if you took revenge, someone was filled with fury and wanted to revenge you. And your family in rage would want to kill someone who killed you. Then someone’s family would… The revenge goes on and on and on. There is no terminal. This is testified throughout history especially between UK and France. Only we could get by revenge is hatred toward each other. The revenge causes only hatred, anger, sadness, despair and things like that…
Of course, what I stated is only my opinion, and I admit things don’t necessarily go like this smoothly. But anyway, I cannot help expressing in my way what I am thinking now, what I felt from this DVD or what can I do in order not to repeat the tragedy like this.
I’d really appreciate your reading.


  • Dear Tetsuya,
    What a long and thoughtful post this is. I do not think I could bear to watch such a movie. I remember 9/11 as though it were yesterday. I was at MEI when it happened. My first class was not until 11:00. Val B. in American Studies said to me around 9:00, "Did you hear what happened in New York?" and she told me. I went to a colleague's office--he had a little TV--and I was watching when the first tower came down. It was horrible.

    I agree that revenge does not solve the problem. It doesn't even make the avenger feel better, since it cannot bring back the dead.

    I do not know what the answer is, but I am very sorry that there are people in the world who hate Americans so much that they could do such an awful thing.

    On another note, we had our chat today at Tapped In, and we missed you! I hope you will come to the next one on October 11 (I think).

    By Blogger Nina Liakos, At 1:08 PM  

  • 9/11 was definitely a tragic moment for not just Americans but everyone around the globe. I also remember 9/11 as if it were yesterday. I was in basic training (boot camp) for the army when I heard the news. The first words out of my instructor's mouth was "we're going to war!" And unfortunately we really did go to war and I was pulled out of school for 7 months to go overseas... -_-;; My family was very much worried about me, just as any other parents would with their children. I still can't believe how people would even think of doing such a horrible thing in an attempt to just "get the message through."

    Anyways, I hope you're doing well. Did you meet Laura and hang out with her yet? Keep in touch~
    Mata ne!

    By Blogger Ji Won, At 7:23 AM  

  • >Nina
    WOw!!I just fogot to chat with you!! It's a really shame to me!!
    Now,I miss you very much!!
    I'm now writing assignment for the program!! I want to consult you!!
    So I'll send mail before long!!
    >Ji won
    WOw!! So you mean you really went to war!!?? Are you serious!!??
    I could feel your family's worry!!
    And I definitely share your opinion!! I think there are other ways to show the messege!
    Mata na!!

    By Blogger Tetsuya, At 10:30 PM  

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