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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yesterday I got up to find mom was about to go out for somewhere.
She seemed to be really glad.
She was dressing herself up and also putting on make up as hard as ever.
When I saw that scene, I thought to myself, "where on earth are you going all dressed up like this?" ( I didn' t tell her like this, though.)
Then I found the reason why she was so glad.
She was going to meet dad, who has been leaving for his new post without us since last April.
Today He will come back from Yamaguchi prefecture after a long time.
That explains it!!
And in the early evening of the day she came back home with dad.
I found that she was really happy.
I haven't seen such a broad smile in her face for long.
I thought to myself again, "what the hell happened to her?"
As soon as she moved to the living room, she showed me certain package.
In the package there were a pair of earrings.
and she said, "Your father bought me! It contains a tiny diamond!" but also she said, " though that's cheaper than Louis Vuitton's bag."
SO she seemed to be on cloud nine~
I just forgot that February 24( WoW!! THAT'S TODAY!!!) is their wedding anniversary~
Soon coming their silver wedding anniversary~
I hope they will get along with each other for ever and ever~(>_<)

Thursday, February 22, 2007


I'm going to talk about Astronauts~
To tell you the truth, I wanted to be an astronauts when I was growing up!
But as I studied math , chemistry, and physics, I began to realize that it is hard for me to work for that occupation. (Beacuse I'm poor at those subjects...(>_<)
When I think of space, especially moon, I remember a famous saying.
"That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind."
Neil Armstrong
What's a beautiful saying!! Don't you think the contrast between "small step" and "giant step" is exquisite??
As you may know, captain Neil Armstrong said this saying when he walked on the moon as the first achiever in whole human being.
I can't imagine how he felt at that time, but I bet he was really excited!
I wonder how he felt when he saw the earth by his own naked eyes.
I wander if he felt the planet was blue?

By the way I read some article about how we can become an astronaut.
This is quoted from NASA's astronaut program.
"The right stuff"
1, Pilots
Pilot must have at least a bachelor's degrees in math, engineering or science; 1000 hours in command of jet aircraft; pass space physical; height 5'4" to 6'4" (163-193 cm)

2, Mission special lists
Mission specialists must have at least a bachelor's degree in math, engineering or science; three years related experience; pass space physical; height 4'1o" to 6'4" (147-193 cm)

So this means that most of people who have a degree in those subjects have chance to be an astronaut!! It's rather broad range in height unexpectedly!

I wonder if the time will come when we can depart for space as freely as we can travel abroad?

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Cherry Blossoms

In this winter, we have unusually warm days in Japan.
Though it is good for me to get out of bed easily every morning, something wrong may happen!
That is about Cherry Blossoms.
In general, Japanese like Cherry Blossoms. My family often go out for some parks to see beautiful Cherry Blossoms, packing food and drinks (including alcohols) into boxes. Then, we start to hold bash!! We call this activities "Ohanami" ( what do you say to going Ohanami with us Laura? I'll going to take you to certain place! And, let me know when you pay to visit to Japan, Nina. I'll show you all around Japan!(^▽^))
But I found some article saying that flowering could occur later than usual!! Some weather forecasters says that they might bloom in Jury!!!
Oh boy!! No Cherry Blossoms in spring, No Japan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is due to the characteristic of Cherry Blossoms. After the flowers have fallen, new buds are formed by the summer. During the cold winter months,the buds need to be exposed to low temperature ( about 5 C) , which make it possible to stir the buds from inactive condition.
But temperature around Japan were so high! We haven't any inch of snow at all in Tokyo this winter!! ( though I saw snow from my house, which is located in Yokohama) This is a big problem too!!! I love snow as much as Cherry Blossoms!!!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Valentine Day

Hi~ How is it going??
I'm doing well!!
This is the first post in 2007!!
Sorry not to write new one soon~

The other day, it was a Valentine Day (≧▽≦)
In Japan, Girls give chocolates to their favorite boys~
BUT I hear that there is no such a strange habit at all in the U.S??
I also hear that on the Valentine Day you give some presents (not only chocolates) to your favorite person. So it may occur that boys give beautiful flowers to girls??
WOW (>_<) As for me, I was given as many as two chocolates by my students!!!!!!!!!!! ( as you might know, I 'm teaching English at a cram school) As I didn't expect someone give me that kind of things ( except for my mum), I was so glad!! ( though other teachers were given chocolates by them... they seemed to give all their teachers) Anyway, since then, this is the time of year I like best!!! By the way, I will take TOEFL ( Test of English as a Foreign Language, which we need if we want to study abroad, especially in the U.S, Canada, U.K, and Australia) TOEFL is made up of Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing section. Each section demands certain level of ability as a English speaker. These are really hard (>_<)!!
The high score may be against all odds for me...
So that is one of the reason why I start to post again~
And I'll post everyday until my test day if possible.
I'm going to practice Listening section tonight~
See ya tomorrow~

Monday, September 11, 2006

How are you getting along with these days??
Today, it’s just been five years since that miserable tragedy happened.
The day is also unforgettable day to me because I learned “what is War?” from that atrocity. When World WarⅡbroke out, of course I was not born. When Gulf War, I was too young. So 9.11 was my first experience to know.
Three days ago I went to Yodobashicamera (famous electrical shop) and I purchased some DVD. One of these was “9・11”(you know this? Or has anyone watched? This is the title of DVD). This film was taken by Jules&Gedeon Naudet, who was taking documentary of fire fighters but they encountered the tragedy accidentally!!! When I finished, I felt I was badly beaten. In this movie there are many, what we call, “not appropriate scene or words or sound”. I felt even disgusted. I heard many people say “ Is this movie?” Also When first plane crashed into WTC, every one looked up and screamed “Oh shit!!” At the moment WTC has gone, many people crying and running and director himself vanished into the dust… And when second tower collapsed…well. I’ve had enough…I can’t tell any more…
In one scene some fighter whose name is Tony, said like this” If I knew where ringleader is, I’d kill him.” I would fell like him if I were his place, I could grasp what he means. But is it really right?? There is a story in our country. When World WarⅡ came to end, many children who lost home or family used to think of going to War to revenge. But can we solve things by revenge?? I don’t think so. Say, if I lost someone who really means to me (you know who I mean?), I’d go crazy and maybe feel like even killing… But could I really take revenge for her EVEN if she’ll never come back to me?? This is my first reason why I could not stand up for the revenge. Second, to revenge is you have the possibility that you ARE revenged by someone. If you could take your revenge, that would be really good for you and you’d feel satisfied. But do not forget YOU also cause new revengers!! I mean, if you took revenge, someone was filled with fury and wanted to revenge you. And your family in rage would want to kill someone who killed you. Then someone’s family would… The revenge goes on and on and on. There is no terminal. This is testified throughout history especially between UK and France. Only we could get by revenge is hatred toward each other. The revenge causes only hatred, anger, sadness, despair and things like that…
Of course, what I stated is only my opinion, and I admit things don’t necessarily go like this smoothly. But anyway, I cannot help expressing in my way what I am thinking now, what I felt from this DVD or what can I do in order not to repeat the tragedy like this.
I’d really appreciate your reading.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

I came home about a week ago. The reason I could not post new one is, since I went back to Japan, I needed time to consider this journey carefully. Because I had too many precious experiences or memories in MD so that I can hardly deal with them well. Also I needed to ask myself, for instance, “What have I learned from this program?” though I haven’t found exactly… And I got well from time lag (by three days ago, I was so sleepy). So I’d like to look back.

The thing I noticed first was “individualism”. It is often said that individualism is true of U.S, whereas collectivism is true of Japan. I felt “individualism” directly. When we had to decide what we did next, Nina often said, for example, “You don’ have to stay at Washington and eat dinner. You can go back to College Park and eat there” This is greatly impressive to me. In Japan, we are often supposed to do the same thing with everyone (though it is a little bit less). Apart from which one is better, I felt really comfortable. Because in Japan I sometimes had to do what I didn’t wanted to do.
I still have many things I noticed, but it takes much time to write those things. So I’d like to publish next time!!

So today I'm going show you my pictures!!

This is Laura and me at farewell party!! She is pointing out her necklace that was presented. Don't you think it's good on her??
You're going to come soon,huh? I can't wait!!

This is Ji won and me at the party!! I used to hang around downtown with him!! He is great guy!! He taught me many things about English.
I hope I would stroll with him again!! And the wish will come true at January!!

This is Tim and me at Karaoke !! We have been to Karaoke twice during AGU program!! I sang many songs with him!!
I want to take him to Kyoto because he wanted to go!! Though I've been only once(ha ha).

They are great mentors and all the memories with them are my treasures!!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Yesterday I went to the Montgomery County Fair. I was so excited!! Because I like festival very much!! Every time summer comes I go out for many festivals, such as Hanabi (fire works) or summer festival! So it was definitely nice festival!!

After that some people, including me, went to Karaoke again!! It was two times in America!! So when I back to Japan I can be proud of this!!
I sang “Hey Jude” (with Tim!) “Let it be” (With Tim!) “I don’t wanna miss a thing” (with Rikko!) or “Garasu No Shyonen” (this is a popular Japanese song) (with Syohei, Hiro) Ji Won and Laura are both good at so much!! They were as if professional singers!!!! I was really moved!!
But when I back to hotel it was almost 1:00….. Oh,boy!!