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Saturday, February 24, 2007


Yesterday I got up to find mom was about to go out for somewhere.
She seemed to be really glad.
She was dressing herself up and also putting on make up as hard as ever.
When I saw that scene, I thought to myself, "where on earth are you going all dressed up like this?" ( I didn' t tell her like this, though.)
Then I found the reason why she was so glad.
She was going to meet dad, who has been leaving for his new post without us since last April.
Today He will come back from Yamaguchi prefecture after a long time.
That explains it!!
And in the early evening of the day she came back home with dad.
I found that she was really happy.
I haven't seen such a broad smile in her face for long.
I thought to myself again, "what the hell happened to her?"
As soon as she moved to the living room, she showed me certain package.
In the package there were a pair of earrings.
and she said, "Your father bought me! It contains a tiny diamond!" but also she said, " though that's cheaper than Louis Vuitton's bag."
SO she seemed to be on cloud nine~
I just forgot that February 24( WoW!! THAT'S TODAY!!!) is their wedding anniversary~
Soon coming their silver wedding anniversary~
I hope they will get along with each other for ever and ever~(>_<)


  • I know it's hard for you to realize, but we old people are just as capable as you younger ones of being in love, feeling romantic, getting excited... While we may look older on the outside, on the inside we feel just as we always did!

    Happy Anniversary to your mom and dad from your American mom!

    By Blogger Nina Liakos, At 12:33 PM  

  • Thanks!! mom!!
    I'm afraid that it takes a little more time for me to write my beautiful letter for you... Sorry(>_<)

    By Blogger Tetsuya, At 11:28 PM  

  • hahahaha~~
    That's a sweet story man. I loved it. Sounds like your parents are deeply in love! I also hope that they grow older with their love for each other forever and ever!

    By Blogger Ji Won Moon, At 7:19 AM  

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